[Marxism] Yale University: Spring of 1970

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Tue Nov 29 12:52:42 MST 2005

>>> Brian_Shannon at verizon.net 11/27/05 10:19 PM >>>
A present Yale student sent a questionnaire to members of the class of 
1970 asking what it was like on campus during the height of the antiwar 
movement and the Black Panther Party demonstrations of May 1-3, 1970.

Whiteman is puzzled over the absence of a similar student response to 
Brian Shannon

no puzzle re. above, haven't kept up with figures for some years, but large 
% of college students attending part-time, working while going to school,
attending night classes, commuting to campus, attending community colleges
(with their 'impoverishment' of campus life), living in parents' home, and/or
parenting is norm today, school is not focal point of life for contemporary 
college/university students...

in contrast, student activists tend to live near campus and outside home of their 
parents, are generally full-time students without responsibilities of parenthood... 
michael hoover

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