[Marxism] More British SWP co-thinkers

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 29 13:04:09 MST 2005

The promised abolition of house rents and increasing wages of the lowest 
paid workers was not kept. Likewise, full pay for sick and retired workers 
was eliminated. There was no lessening of the severe food rations in 1973. 
One of the main resolutions of the 13th Congress of the Cuban Confederation 
of Labor (CTC), Nov., 1973, restored the worst features of the capitalist 
wage system -- payment according to output, instead of according to need. 
In this speech to the closing session of the Congress, Castro tried to 
justify this policy: "... paying the same wage for the same type of work 
without taking into account the effort required to do it, is an 
equalitarian principle we must correct ... payment should be measured in 
physical terms according to the complexity and skill required to do the job 
..." In line with this policy, 132 million pesos were allotted to raise 
wages for technicians in order to spur them to "increase their 
productivity." (19) At the First Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba 
(Dec. 1975), the motto "From each according to his ability; to each 
according to his WORK." was displayed in huge red letters.

Wages are linked to work quotas. Every worker is given a quota. If the 
quota is not fullfilled, wages are proportionally reduced. Purchase of 
scarce appliances (television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) 
are allotted not according to the worker's need but according to his 
correct attitude (obeying orders, patriotism, overfullfillment of work 
quotas, etc.) The faithful wage slave will be allowed to spend his vacation 
at the better resorts and be granted first access to housing. (20)




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