[Marxism] Re: Class struggle...

Callum McCormick kingcal78 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 29 13:39:52 MST 2005

"These are worse than just catechisms. The statement below
about "mass movements" would put IST members on the same side of the 
with imperialism "


That's false. I'm talking about mass movements in the mould of Solidarity in 
Poland - genuine revolutionary movements eminating from below. If that 
happens, and you decide to stand with the Stalinist bureaucratic class, then 
that's your prerogative - and you'll have to justify it. It appears to me 
that if apologists for Castro did not have the 'imperialist card' to play, 
they would have very little to say. Instead they rely on the ridiculous 
notion that dedicated socialist anti-imperialists are in favour of American 
troops landing on Cuba.


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