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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 29 13:53:42 MST 2005

>That's false. I'm talking about mass movements in the mould of Solidarity 
>in Poland - genuine revolutionary movements eminating from below. If that 
>happens, and you decide to stand with the Stalinist bureaucratic class, 
>then that's your prerogative - and you'll have to justify it. It appears 
>to me that if apologists for Castro did not have the 'imperialist card' to 
>play, they would have very little to say. Instead they rely on the 
>ridiculous notion that dedicated socialist anti-imperialists are in favour 
>of American troops landing on Cuba.

Now, now, Callum. Nobody thinks that you favor American troops landing on 
Cuba. I think, however, that the main problem is that no SWP (or ISO) 
troops have ever landed there either. This is a most peculiar situation 
when major documents from these comrades are based entirely on secondary 
literature. It is not as if John Rees or Anthony Arnove would be arrested 
if they set foot in Cuba. In fact, Cuba regularly hosts conferences that 
feature speakers who I am sure have spoken at panels or plenaries with 
Rees, Callinicos, Arnove et al. This includes two comrades from Marxmail, 
Peter McLaren and Michael Lebowitz, who have never spent time in a dungeon 
as far as I know. I would say that there is a certain level of cognitive 
dissonance involved with explaining such a conference's existence and the 
scenario of the Cuban tyrants crushing a Solidarity type movement 
underfoot. On the other hand, it is a fact that Solidarity was far more 
interested in hooking up with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher than it 
ever was with Cuban Marxists.

It is our pleasure to announce the forthcoming conference "Marxism Today:
A Renewed Left View" to be held February 17-19th, 2000 in Havana, Cuba.

As you know, the study and development of Marxism have consistently called 
for continuing critical and interdisciplinary orientations toward diverse 
societal issues. Therefore, our objectives are: to promote the necessity of 
critical reflection relevant to Marx at the beginning of the new century; 
to encourage the development of approaches that focus on social change.

Background info:

There is both a Canadian committee and a Cuban committee because the 
committee in Cuba solicited the advice and organization of a committee 
outside of their country due to difficulties in communication. Thus, it 
should be noted that Canada does not have any special positioning with 
regards to the conference panels; rather, they are merely integral to the 
administration and organization of the conference. Several notable Cuban 
philosophers, sociologists and political scientists have confirmed their 
attendance and participation. We also have confirmed delegates from Latin 
America, throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, the United States and Canada. 
This is an interdisciplinary conference, with theorists ranging from 
cultural critics through prominent sociologists and political scientists.

A preliminary list of the speakers that have confirmed their participation:

Greg Albo (York University)
Robert Albritton (York University)
Elmar Altvater (Berlin)
Ricardo Blaug (University of Leeds)
Werner Bonefeld (York University)
Guiglielmo Carchedi (Amsterdam)
William Carroll (University of Victoria)
Simon Clarke (Warwick)
Ken Cole (University of East Anglia)
Rosemary Coombe (University of Toronto)
Jamie Owen Daniel (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Ioan Davies (York University)
Terry Eagleton (Oxford)
Scott Fast (University College of the Fraser Valley)
Mike Featherstone (Director, Theory, Culture & Society Centre)
Norm Feltes (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty)
Isobel Findlay (University of Saskatchewan)
Len Findlay (University of Saskatchewan)
Samir Gandesha
Bruce Gilbert (Bishop's University)
Stephen Gill (York University)
John Holloway (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla)
Tim Hayward (Edinburgh)
Bob Jessop (Lancaster)
John King (La Trobe University)
Michael Lebowitz (Simon Fraser University)
Michael Ma (York University)
Peter McLaren (University of California, Los Angeles)
Edward Nell (New School)
McMurtry (York University)
Alicja Muszynski (University of Waterloo)
Jonathan Nitzan (York University)
Henk Overbeek (Amsterdam)
Leo Panitch (York University)
Ronen Palan (Sussex)
Frank Pearce (Queen's University)
William Pelz (Institute of Working Class History)
R.S. Ratner (University of British Columbia)
Andrew Ross (New York University)
Andrew Sayer (Lancaster)
Ngai Ling Sum (University of Manchester)
Malcolm Sawyer (Leeds)
Richard Westra (Agricultural University Wageningen



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