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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 29 14:37:06 MST 2005

>As for your criticism of Rees and Callinicos' travelling plans, I don't 
>know. Maybe they can't afford the flights? I know that a SWP member, Mike 
>Gonzalez, who recently wrote a book about the Cuban Revolution has visited 
>Cuba several times - certainly his observations of that place have shaped 
>some of my own perspectives.

Gonzalez's writings on Cuba are simply atrocious. They are a melange of 
secondary sources that gives cherry-picking a bad name. Just look at: 
http://www.marxists.de/statecap/cuba/80-cucas.htm If he ever spent time in 
Cuba, it is not reflected in this major document.

>As to your other point, I'm not quite sure that a gaggle of tired left 
>academics chewing the cud could pose a threat to the Cuban regime, though 
>I wait to be surprised.

I guess you didn't get the point. The people at this conference constitute 
the intellectual wing of Marxism. They are the same people who contribute 
to the journals that Alex Callinicos contributes to. They are his peers. 
The Cuban government hosts such gatherings because it wants to foster the 
development of Marxist theory.

If you have a thing about academics, then how about this:

 >>Ibero-American Unions Analyze Globalization at Cuban Conference

Pinar del Rio, Cuba, Sep 20 (Prensa Latina) Members of Spanish,
Argentine, Chilean and Brazilian unions are meeting in this western
Cuban city to prepare for the international workers' conference that
begins Tuesday.

The role of the State in neoliberal globalization will be the focus of
the conference that will design strategies to confront the political and
economic consequences of globalization, such as poverty, unemployment,
and social exclusion, informed Jose Cabrera, Cuba's head of the CTC
union in Pinar del Rio.

The program includes roundtables, meetings of health, education, culture
and science union members, and exchanges between intellectuals and
scientists, the organizers reported.

Among those attending are: Alberto Rubio, of Spain's Asturias Workers
Commission, Dr. Efrain Echevarria of the Cuban Economists Association,
Argentineans Nora Diaz, director of the Argentine Workers Central and
Jose Maria Tessa of the Santa Fe CTA, Maria Izabel Da Silva, of
Brazil's Central Unica de Trabajadores, and Maria Jose Salor,
president of the Asturias Peace and Solidarity Association.<<



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