[Marxism] More British SWP co-thinkers (Truly Cleaned up version)

Prem K Govindaswamy govi0006 at umn.edu
Tue Nov 29 15:17:12 MST 2005

    I believe this reflects the fundamental problems of Anarchist thought-a
utopian, unscientific analysis based on "phantoms of the Mind" rather than
existing conditions. Before I go further, I will say I haven't been able to
access this article on the website, so I haven't be able to fully read it,
or check it's sources. 
     This criticism's main problem goes back to the fundamental Anarchist
flaw- refusing to see things in scientific terms, and acting according to
what they want to see, rather than what is there. This goes all the way
back to their prescription for action-that all forms of state, (capitalist,
 prole., etc.) are abolished overnight. This idea is unscientic b/c it
ignores the question of how do the newly liberated masses deal w/ the
inevitable capitalist violent counterrevolution. Emma Goldman would have
them pray really hard that the capitalists, imperialists, and Fascists
magically decide to be nice and miraculously realize how much better the
new system is. 
     In reference to Cuba, assuming their facts are correct, here are their

-referring to the "severe rations", how is it they propose dealing with the
genocidal embargo? Do they want the government to promise people food that
they don't have? Again the anarchists seem to be ignoring this glaring

-In a transition to scialism, people can't be expected to give up the
capitalist training and thought which is drummed into their heads overnight
or w/ the snap of the finger. People have been trained to operate in a wage
system, w/o workers control of the factories. Again, anarchists believe you
can chant spells and all those years of conditioning will be undone in an

-The same goes for rent. Engels himself said that the day after the
revolution, housing under control of the masses will initially have some
form of rent. The existing condition of how people have been trained and
taught to function. It's simply unscientific and ignores certain objective

Basically the anarchists seem to believe in an idea that the only way a
revolution is carried out is how pol pot did, or not at all. Emma Goldmann
is a complete philistine. 

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