[Marxism] It's those damn petty-bourgeois at it again!

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 29 16:18:28 MST 2005

>As I've explained, it's material basis is that of middle class fighters 
>with middle class ideas. It's not possible from that basis to create a 
>workers' state. It is possible to create what they have done, which is a 
>form of welfare state capitalism, with the Beard in charge, just like he 
>was in '59. The fact that he's able to fool you by shouting 'socialism' 
>when it suits him to do so is your own problem.

I can understand Junaid's impatience with us taking up time to answer ideas 
that are so clearly wrong, but it is useful for newcomers to Marxism to 
understand where Callum goes wrong. He says that Cuba could have created a 
welfare state, like Sweden I guess. This flies in the face of the evidence 
of 100 years of Latin American history. Every effort to create a 
populist/welfare state like in Chile or in Peron's Argentina has failed for 
the simple reason that imperialism will not allow such models to exist. 
They were labeled as "subversive" and destroyed. Furthermore, market forces 
dictate that such attempts will fail, even if the USA does not intervene. 
Costa Rica had the reputation of being a welfare state in the 1970s but 
declining commodity prices have plunged the country into poverty and wiped 
out the safety net. See my article on Costa Rica for more detail:


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