[Marxism] Kevin Murphy review

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 29 17:17:44 MST 2005

Sebastian wrote:
>Michael Lebowitz asked about where he could find a review of Kevin 
>Murphy's very interesting book: Mike Haynes wrote one for International 
>Socialist Journal no. 107, available at <www.isj.org.uk>. For those who 
>read French, there is also (a very positive) review by Jean-Jacques Marie 
>(although he disagrees with the state-capitalist analysis therein) in the 
>latest issue of his journal Cahiers du mouvement ouvrier. Historical 
>Materialism also hopes too to run a review essay in the near future.

Actually, this review showed up here already after Kevin Murphy got Einde 
to post it--with an emoticon no less. Frankly, I never would have paid 
attention to this book if a taunting reference to it had not surfaced here 
in the way it did.

With this book going for $65, and review essays appearing in obscure French 
journals or in the pricey, non-Internet friendly HM, something tells me 
that it will not have the influence of something like "Labor and Monopoly 
Capital". But I am sure that it will get Kevin invited to the next 
conference in Brussels or wherever. Just don't get him started on donkey 
meat banquets in North Korea. He is really quite obsessed on the matter, 
much worse than my uncle Milton who used to bore us to tears at 
Thanksgiving dinners about the way that he couldn't get a proper pastrami 
sandwich in NYC anymore. 

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