[Marxism] British SWP co-thinkers (not)

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> The British Socialist Workers' Party, whatever its 
> differences on tactics, always supported the IRA *unconditionally*.  


This is shite. The British SWP supported the Irish Civil Rights Movement, but 
when things moved to armed struggle that support melted away, along with that 
of the vast majority of the Brit Left, whereby they retreated into an 
economist position of trying to mobilise across the sectarian divide over various 
single issues whilst completely ignoring the National Question. Their silence 
throughout the Hunger Strikes was repugnant, involving a complete abandonment of 
principle, and now, through their man in the Six Counties, Eamon McCann, they 
continue to ignore the role of the British Imperialism in the province.

Everything about the SWP's politics is opportunist. They find the current hot 
button issue and latch on to it for dear life, using it to recruit and sell 
papers, with no long term strategy, no political depth at all. Their slogan for 
the recent STOP THE WAR march in London said it all: March For Peace And 
Liberty! This after two years of one of the bloodiest and most barbaric 
occupations in recent history. The Salvation Army would have been proud of this slogan.

Finally, State Capitalism, as applied erroneously to socialist states - or 
states attempting to build socialism - was formulated as bourgeois retreat under 
the pressure of the Cold War.

As a theory it does not stand up. For a comprehensive dissection and 
refutation of this theory I would direct you to the work of Ernest Mandel.


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