[Marxism] Posting articles to the list

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Wed Nov 30 04:29:18 MST 2005

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From: "Louis Proyect" <lnp3 at panix.com>
> This morning I discovered far too many *long* articles posted to the list. 
> We have been over this question before and sort of left it unresolved.

Ah! If there's still a chance to make a case here, I'd vote for *continuing* 
to rip off articles and send them off (say, up to 30kb length), for the 
simple reason that many of us (e.g. in Third World countries) are using 
dial-up access. We get messages from email that are easy to download, while 
in contrast, following URL links is exceptionally slow, difficult and 

Thanks for your tolerance, comrade Louis. (And let me know if I can help 
defray costs by reimbursing you for the extra kb this entails.)


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