[Marxism] British SWP co-thinkers (not)

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Wed Nov 30 06:10:06 MST 2005

jcostlive wrote:

>The British SWP supported the Irish Civil Rights Movement, but
>when things moved to armed struggle that support melted away, along with 
>of the vast majority of the Brit Left, whereby they retreated into an
>economist position of trying to mobilise across the sectarian divide over 
>single issues whilst completely ignoring the National Question.

That's a curious claim to make with such certainty.  Given how utterly 
nonsensical it is, and given that a pack of lies accompanies it, I'm not 
sure I wouldn't be wasting my time by proceeding any further.  If anyone 
wants to read Chris Bambery on "Ireland's Permanent Revolution" or  Eammon 
McCann on "War and an Irish Town" or just about anything by SWP authors on 
the topic, it would be impossible for them to conclude that the SWP ignores 
the National Question.  The only way that one could draw that conclusion is 
if one, say, had imbibed one's understanding of the SWP through competing 
organisations who are obsessed with hurling the usual charges of complicity, 
timidity, economism, non-economism, adventurism, opportunism, ultra-leftism 
- whatever it is decided is our crime du jour.

I can't help but notice that the only kinds of people who are really 
interested in this kind of non-argument, in which the accusation is itself 
offered as its own proof, are precisely revolutionaries of a certain age who 
have not yet realised that history is mercilessly pulverising them into 
irrelevance.  Like I say, if the best that my participation in this 
discussion is likely to yield is a string of staccatto lies and 
irrelevancies from the likes of jcostlive, then I really can't be bothered, 
and anyone who can be is - dare I say it? - showing their age somewhat.

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