[Marxism] Celebrate the Peoples Victory Over Bad Government this Friday

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Wed Nov 30 06:21:02 MST 2005

 Leninist electoral activism.

Taylor's challenging clerk's failures in court in primary irregularities
against Taylor ( similar name candidate; wrong counted votes) was a spark
that led to the clerk being voted out in the general election ! An almost
unprecedented loss by the one who counts the votes !  Taylor's goal was not
so large , but clearly her court case made a qualitative leap into the
clerk's own election itself.



Join the Grassroots Campaign and Maureen D. Taylor at the International
Institute to celebrate the Peoples' Victory Over Bad Government 

International Institute
 111 E. Kirby, Detroit, from 7 PM - 11 PM.  

This is a fundraiser for Michigan Welfare Rights, so the $8 per person
charge covers the snacks, the dinner, the drinks, the floorshow and the
music!  Fingerfood at 7 PM, dinner at 7:30 PM, and other great things after

- from Maureen D. Taylor.

[It will also be a birthday celebration for everyones favorite activist and
candidate, Maureen D. for Detroit Taylor. Come join in the fun.]

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