[Marxism] dialectics

Bill Lynch billlynch970 at netscape.net
Wed Nov 30 09:34:10 MST 2005

Walter Lippman wrote:

> We need some dialectical appreciations of societies like those of
> China, Brazil, Argentina and so on. With few exceptions, mostly
> posted by stubborn hard-cases, here we receive entirely negative
> appreciations of countries like China. Let's get some dialectics
> going on in appreciating these complex societies. In my work on Cuba, 
> I post a wide range of material, favorable, unfavorable,
> flattering and unflattering. A broader appreciation, indeed one
> informed by dialectics, would be better. Por favor!
> Walter Lippmann
> ==================================================================
> Isaac Deutscher symbolizes *dialectical* appreciation of societies
> like the USSR. It sickens me to see a prize in his name awarded to
> somebody who sees everything in black-and-white terms

Great, dialectics as on-the-one-hand, on-the-other hand PR balance. Now 
who's spinning in their grave?

I must say I'm a little mystified why not saying bad things about Fidel 
or Kim Jong Il (!) is necessary to qualify you as Marxist for this 
"non-sectarian" list. And what exactly is a "socialist country" (as one 
contributor referred to Cuba) for an internationalist in a world with a 
global, capitalist economy. Socialism in one (small) country all over 
again. No wonder debate about the Russian revolution is banned on this 


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