[Marxism] prof who will teach "creationism is mythology" course slapped down for e-mail dissing "fundies"

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Wed Nov 30 11:36:38 MST 2005

  Religion professor apologizes for e-mail

    Message derided intelligent design

By Associated Press  |  November 30, 2005

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- A religion professor at the University of Kansas 
apologized this week for an email that referred to religious 
conservatives as ''fundies" and said that a course describing 
intelligent design as mythology would be a ''nice slap in their big fat 

In a written apology Monday, Paul Mirecki, chairman of the university's 
Religious Studies Department, said he would teach the planned class ''as 
a serious academic subject and in a manner that respects all points of 

The department faculty approved the course Monday but changed its title. 
The course, originally called ''Special Topics in Religion: Intelligent 
Design, Creationism and other Religious Mythologies," will instead be 
called ''Intelligent Design and Creationism."

The class was added to next spring's curriculum after the Kansas State 
Board of Education decided to include more criticism of evolution in its 
standards for science teaching. The vote was seen as a big win for 
proponents of intelligent design, who argue that the universe is so 
complex that it must have been created by a higher power.

Critics say intelligent design is merely creationism -- a literal 
reading of the Bible's story of creation -- camouflaged in scientific 

Mirecki's e-mail was sent Nov. 19 to members of the Society of 
Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics, a student organization for which he 
serves as faculty adviser.

''The fundies [fundamentalists] want it all taught in a science class, 
but this will be a nice slap in their big fat face by teaching it as a 
religious studies class under the category mythology."

Mirecki addressed the message to ''my fellow damned" and signed off 
with: ''Doing my part to [tick] off the religious right, Evil Dr. P."

During the weekend, Chancellor Robert Hemenway began a review of 
Mirecki's e-mail, which resulted in the professor's apology. 

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