[Marxism] RE:It's those damn petty-bourgeois at it again!

Josh Saxe joshsaxe at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 17:55:58 MST 2005

Junaid wrote:
> Frankly, worse things could happen over here in the real world. The ISO
> is state-cap, but in the counter-recruitment and student anti-war
> protesting work I'm heavily involved in publicizing and trying to
> articulate, no one really cares whether you think Cuban property
> relations constitutes a deformed worker's state, state capitalism or
> Chef Boyardee's ravioli mix.

I agree - I get the impression Callum McCormick is part of the British
or Irish SWP?  Rather than this rehashing of a 45 odd year old debate
(the rehashing is almost like a ritual at this point, where each
person steps up to the plate and practices formulating old arguments)
I would have been interested to know about the work of this
organization across the ocean.  When I went to Ireland this summer I
met an SWP that had 15 active branches in Dublin (claiming 150 members
or so in that city) and along with the Trotskyist Socialist Party
(descended from the Militant tendency) had a real voice in the
national politics and movements of that country.

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