[Marxism] RE:It's those damn petty-bourgeois at it again!

Anna Fierling anna_fierling at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 19:18:06 MST 2005

I've lost track of who wrote these sentences below, but this is offensively ill-informed; whoever wrote this, please: 1) read Castro's 1968 speech on Czechoslovakia (most of which is a critique of Soviet bureaucratic 'socialism'); your phrase "principled anti-imperialist stance" recalls the Guardian's recent attribution to Chomsky of phrases he had never uttered, and 2) read something about the COMECON and Cuba's place in it.
  You see, this is the part where the mythology of revolution comes into it. 
Cuba was not 'blockaded by imperialism', it was blockaded by Western 
imperialism, it was very, VERY cosy with the other imperialist power of the 
day, the USSR. We all know the Beard's enthusiasm for the Soviet's invasion 
of Czechoslovakia - a 'principled anti-imperialist' stance, I'm sure you'll 

This sordid little association guranteed a certain security for Cuba and its 
economy - allowing them to make the 'real gains' that they did in social 

Anna Fierling

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