[Marxism] Washington State Green Party Emphasizes StructuralPolitical Reform

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Nov 30 21:32:35 MST 2005

Brian Shannon writes, "And nothing on the Iraq War, which would be a
failure today even in a campaign for city council."

Man that's got to be some *dynamite* shit Brian Shannon is smoking.
First he sends us the Utah statement saying it is from Washington State.
Then he says there's nothing in it on the war when it quite plainly and
prominently takes it up in the very first paragraph, and in an
unequivocal way: 

"The Green Party of Utah announces that Julian Hatch, a 51 year-old
disabled military veteran will challenge incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch,
R-Utah in his bid for an unprecedented sixth term in the November 2006
election.... Julian has been active in protesting the war prior to the
invasion of Iraq and the continued occupation."

As for the rest of the statement being "pallid even by moderate
Democratic Party standards," how about this:

"It is time that all Utah citizens, regardless of gender, race, sexual
preference, political or religious persuasion be represented in
Washington D.C. by a common person instead of a millionaire Senator who
is more beholden to corporate interests than average citizens." 

The closest Democrats come to this is John Edwards who can kind of sort
of remember working as a kid some decades ago before becoming a
millionaire in the lawyering racket.


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