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Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 22:42:04 MST 2005

From: Stanley Goff 
> My guess is that it will take people who are outside
> formations, or willing to step outside them, to
bring the most > advanced people in the social
movements, who are deeply put 
> off by the sectarianism of past and present ML-ers
or whatever > (I am trying to convince my own comrades
to drop this 
> catechistic apellation), into some unity around a
> program of action.  My corresponding guess is that
there are 
> more of these folks than there are all of us
affiliated types, > but that's pure speculation.

The real question is one of organisational initiative.
A project like this probably needs to have at least a
couple of organisations behind it in order to work.
They don't necessarily need to be "parties"
(grouplets), of course.

A scattering of unorganised individuals is less likely
to be able to achieve this, and quite frankly are more
likely to just create yet another grouplet.

On the other hand, such a project would succeed or
fail depending on its success in drawing in
unaffiliated people, who most certainly outnumber
those who are affiliated.

Of course, we shouldn't idealise unaffiliated people
as somehow "better" than members of groups either.
Unaffiliated people are more or less by definition all
over the map politically, and at least some are
unaffiliated because they are complete jackasses!

The Australian Socialist Alliance, which was of course
inspired by various British projects, was a conscious
and deliberate attempt at uniting as many groups and
individuals as possible in more or less the way we are
talking about. It would be most accurate to call it a
limited success, or even a qualified failure. But at
least it was an attempt, and the main motors behind it
were/are people from existing groups and their

Incidentally, there seem to be some very interesting
projects going on in New Zealand at the moment, which
could possibly provide some additional inspiration for
attempts to take this stuff out of the real of dreams
and into the Real World(tm).

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