[Marxism] Fidel Castro on the Chinese Revolution - FIRSTENGLISH PUBLICATION

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 1 10:21:44 MDT 2005

Well, Louis don't you see, that's the problem: Cuba hasn't "embraced"
globalization like China has.  If Cuba had embraced globalization, like
say China did in the 1980s, why then Cuba and China might not have found
themselves on opposite sides of the artillery in places like... Angola.

Cuba could have embraced China and globalization and Savimbi, and UNITA,
and apartheid South Africa, and the Reagan Administration, and who knows
special zones might have popped up Santa Clara, Trinidad, even Bayamo..
Yeah, that's the ticket...the Granma special zone.

Ah, what might have been...

Cheerleaders, start your pom-poms...


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