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Re:    4. AICCTU Report: All India General Strike
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> Subject: [Marxism] AICCTU Report: All India General Strike

> AICCTU Congratulates Working People of India for the
> resounding success of today's General Strike
> New Delhi, 29 September 2005: All India Central
> Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU) has congratulated the
> working class and various sections of the working
> people in India for the total success of today's all
> India General Strike called jointly by the sponsoring
> committee of trade unions (comprising of seven central
> trade union centres including AICCTU). This became a
> historic success due to widespread support it received
> from the people of India. This was first action on
> such a massive scale against the anti-people policies
> of the UPA government at the centre. These policies
> are nothing but a continuation of the previous NDA
> regime and the success of the strike is also a
> continuation of people's resentment expressed against
> the NDA in the last general elections. This also
> exposed fallacy of the Congress' slogan of 'reform
> with a human face' and that the working class in the
> country will never tolerate the tilt in the policies
> of the Congress toward 'Ambani and America'.
> The strike was total in all important states, as well
> as all industrial establishments and financial
> institutions. Jharkhand, Assam, West Bengal,
> Maharashtra, Kerala, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry
> and many other states observed a bandh like situation
> today. Strike also received huge response from Central
> and State govt. employees and public sector
> undertakings like coal, petroleum, banks, insurance,
> airports, postal, BSNL and health. There was a good
> participation from various unorganised sectors like
> agricultural workers, tea gardens, construction
> workers, powerloom and handloom.workers. It was also a
> huge success in Gurgaon which witnessed recently
> barbaric police repression on Honda factory workers.
> AICCTU played an important role in making today's
> strike a big success in many states. Its General
> Secretary Swapan Mukherjee led the stike in coal
> fields in Jharkhand, where railway tracks were blocked
> for three hours in Kumardubi and GT Road was blockaded
> for more than six hours. In Assam, AICCTU affiliated
> unions led the strike in many tea gardens, Guwahati
> Oil Refinery and coal fields. A number of AICCTU
> leaders and activists were arrested in Assam today. In
> UP, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Bihar, etc.,
> rallies, sit-ins, road and rails blockades were
> organised by AICCTU. During the strike thousands of
> workers were arrested.
> Rajiv Dimri
> Secretary, AICCTU
> __________________________________________________________
> Down with the Pro-US Policies of the UPA Government!
> Editorial, ML Update, 27 September - 3 October, 2005.
> Left-led central trade unions in the country including
> AICCTU, CITU and AITUC have called for a countrywide
> industrial strike on September 29 to demand a reversal
> of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government’s
> pro-privatisation and anti-labour policies. CPI(ML)
> activists all over the country will extend active and
> wholehearted support to this first major countrywide
> protest action by the Indian working class against the
> Congress-led UPA government’s destructive and
> disastrous design. While endorsing the united trade
> union charter opposing the neo-liberal economic
> policies, the CPI(ML) appeals to the Indian working
> class and every anti-imperialist Indian to rise
> simultaneously against the pro-US foreign and defence
> policy of the UPA government. Following India’s
> questionable nuclear deal with the US, India has now
> openly sided with the US against Iran and thus
> isolated itself from the entire developing world and
> other countries opposed to US unilateralism.
> On 24 September India shocked and shamed the entire
> developing world by voting in favour of the US-EU
> resolution referring Iran to the UN Security Council
> for alleged violation of the nuclear Non-Proliferation
> Treaty. In spite of not being a signatory to the NPT,
> India chose to side with the US ostensibly to prove
> India’s credential as a ‘responsible’ (read loyal)
> nuclear power to the US and the big three of the
> European Union – Germany, France and Britain. India’s
> surrender stood in sharp contrast to the bold
> opposition put up by Venezuela or the strong
> reservation expressed by the twelve abstaining member
> countries including China, Russia and South Africa at
> the 35-member board of governors of the International
> Atomic Energy Agency. No wonder, the US has thanked
> India for her support to the US-led move to isolate
> and coerce Iran.
> The Indian sellout on the Iran-US confrontation comes
> in the wake of India’s notoriously wavering and
> increasingly collusive pro-US posture on the issue of
> the Anglo-American invasion, occupation and
> destruction of Iraq. Iran has generally been friendly
> to India on every international platform. Apart from
> being a major supplier of India’s petroleum needs,
> Iran has also been willing to supply natural gas to
> India through the proposed pipeline project involving
> Pakistan and India. The US has always been opposed to
> this idea of Iran-India-Pakistan cooperation in the
> crucial energy sector and it was to appease the US
> that Manmohan Singh had expressed doubts about the
> pipeline project during his earlier visit to the US.
> Now this Indian stand at the IAEA amounts to nothing
> short of a backstabbing sabotage against a
> long-standing friend.
> The economic, defence and foreign policies of the UPA
> government are all marked by a pronounced
> pro-imperialist and especially pro-US tilt. Not a
> single month has passed since the UPA’s coming to
> power without the government announcing some major
> concession to foreign capital. From banking and
> insurance to aviation and telecommunication, FDI
> restrictions have been removed in every key sector of
> the economy. By reenacting Jalianwallabagh in Gurgaon,
> the government has also demonstrated the degree of its
> loyalty to the interests and dictates of foreign
> capital on the Indian soil. From Bhopal through Dabhol
> to Gurgaon, the Indian rulers have repeatedly allowed
> foreign MNCs to get away with every conceivable crime,
> be it a case of mass murder, mega robbery, or
> terrorization of workers.
> Let September 29 make it clear to the Indian rulers
> and their imperialist bosses that India cannot be
> steamrolled into neo-colonial subjugation. The writing
> on the wall should be clear and bold enough for the
> UPA government which is following in the footsteps of
> the ousted NDA regime. And the Left rulers of West
> Bengal who have reversed and reduced land reforms to
> real estate business should also be made to understand
> that the workers and peasants of West Bengal are not
> here to be hoodwinked by the false mantras of market
> and ‘corporate communism’.

It is your party which has been taken in by the propaganda of the right -wing 
media as far as the 'left rulers of W.B" are concerned. The facts are 

Perhaps your party and you would consider a more realistic appraisal of the 

See www.ganashakti.org for example.
> Long live the fighting spirit of the working class and
> the anti-imperialist tradition of the Indian people!

A. Mani
Member, Cal. Math. Soc

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