[Marxism] Fidel Castro on Peak Oil

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 1 17:57:00 MDT 2005

This has been on Fidel's mind for some time. Two years ago he said:

To sum up, it is incompatible with the policies of the WTO that seem
to be designed to allow the rich countries to flood the world with
their products unrestricted and to wipe out the industrial and
agricultural development of the poor countries, leaving them no other
future but to supply raw materials and cheap labor. It is
incompatible with the FTAA and other free trade agreements between
sharks and sardines. It is incompatible with the monstrous foreign
debt, which is, in the current situation, completely unpayable. It is
incompatible with brain drain, with the almost total monopoly on
intellectual property and the abusive and disproportionate
consumption of the planet’s natural and energy resources.

The list of injustices would be endless. The gap is growing wider and
looting is getting worse.

Under the precepts and ideology of a diabolical and chaotic economic
order, within five or six decades the consumer societies will have
depleted the proven and unproven fossil fuel reserves and in a mere
150 years will have used what it took the planet 300 million years to

There is not even a clear and coherent idea about what energy will
power the billions of motorized vehicles, which inundate the cities
and highways of rich countries and even of many Third World
countries. This is the ultimate expression of a completely irrational
way of life and consumption that will never be useful as a model for
the 10 billion people who will supposedly inhabit the Earth when the
fateful petroleum era is over.

Such an economic order and such models of consumption are
incompatible with the planet’s limited and non-renewable essential
resources and with the laws that rule nature and life. They are also
in conflict with the most basic ethical principles, with culture and
with the moral values created by humankind.

But there's much more to the speech than this snippet.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editorial Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Is this the first time a head of state has spoken so bluntly about the
current energy crisis? 

I tried to find other news articles about the speech, but this piece
from Cuba seemed to be the only one readily available.

There were many stories about Castro, Chavez and the PetroCaribe Energy
Summit such as this one from AP: Caribbean plan for cheap regional

Article found at : 

Original article : 

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