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Lou Proyect wrote
For Communist Party leader Earl Browder, the war was
a fight between “a slave world and a free world.” He
stated, “Just as the United States could not remain
half slave and half free in 1862, so in 1942 the world
must make its decision for a complete victory one way
or the other.” Somehow, it must have escaped his
attention that Black Americans served in segregated
companies in the army and lacked the right to vote in
the deep south.“

     At that time, I was a soldier in an American army
hospital in Ledo, India.  Ledo is located in Assam
province near the point where India, Burma, and Tibet
come together.  Most of our patients came from the
Chinese army expeditionary force in north Burma.  As a
result I was only partially able to keep up with
political developments in the states

     So I just looked in the July, 1944, issue of the
Communist to see what  Browder was saying and found
      “So also with the whole Jim Crow system, the
systematic violation of the U.S. Constitution by
denial of equal citizenship to Negro Americans, their
segregation in the army, the housing and public
places; the denial of equal economic opportunity;
their special exploitation and oppression.  The Jim
Crow system is the outgrowth of the ideology of “white
supremacy” which is just as shameful and dangerous for
America as Hitler’s identical racialism proved to be
for Germany and the world.  Jim Crow must go if
America is to stand.”
Jim Zarichny

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