[Marxism] Earl Browder

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 1 20:23:30 MDT 2005

Browder's comments were written in 1944 Randolph called, and then
called off, the March on Washington in 1941, three years earlier.
Thus, there wasn't any causal link between what the CP did in 1941
(bad) and what it said three years later in 1944 (good).

James Zarichny can correct me since he was there and I wasn't even
born, but it's my impression that the dissolution of the CPUSA
(immediately followed by the formation of the Communist Political
Association (CPA) had a largely formal character, and when the party
itself was later formally brought back, no massive loss took place.
I'm not aware if there was a re-registration or whatever to set up an
entirely "new" organization. The CP lost ground during the post-war
time for two reasons: repression and its own errors, in a discussable

And remember, at its high point, the CP or CPA in 1944 had an
estimated 100,000 members. By comparison, a competitor of which I'm
more familiar had about 2000 members. It was easier to make changes
in a smaller group than a larger one, of course.

Walter Lippmann

>      So I just looked in the July, 1944, issue of the Communist to see 
>what  Browder was saying and found
>       "So also with the whole Jim Crow system, the systematic 
>violation of the U.S. Constitution by denial of equal citizenship to 
>Negro Americans, their segregation in the army, the housing and public 
>places; the denial of equal economic opportunity; their special 
>exploitation and oppression.  The Jim Crow system is the outgrowth of 
>the ideology of "white supremacy" which is just as shameful and 
>dangerous for America as Hitler's identical racialism proved to be for 
>Germany and the world.  Jim Crow must go if America is to stand."
>Jim Zarichny

Yes, but when A. Philip Randolph proposed a march on Washington during WWII 
to attack Jim Crow, the CPUSA blasted him as hurting the war against
When Browder proposed *dissolving* the CPUSA to show that the party was made
up of loyal Americans and democrats and not a bunch of subversives, he was 
taking the logic implicit in the wartime alliance to the absurd limit. When 
the Cold War broke out and Thorez attacked Browder publicly, this signalled 
a recognition that the USA and the USSR had mutually exclusive interests. 

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