[Marxism] Labor aristocracy (was Re: "(racist'sname deleted)....")

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Sun Oct 2 05:17:11 MDT 2005

Readings on the theory of labour aristocracy:

A substantial restatement of Lenin's theory with reference to the USA 
is 'The Labor Aristocracy: The Material Basis for Opportunism in the 
Labor Movement', by Max Elbaum and Robert Seltzer, Line of March, 
May-June 1982. Only the first, more general, part seems to be online, 
marked up by Ben Courtice, who on this list, so he might tell us if the 
rest is/will be available.


In Australia, Jon Strauss is doing a doctorate applying this theory to 
the politics of the Hawke-Keating Labor Party governments of the 
1980s-90s, and their 'Accord' with the unions, from which is appearing 
a series of articles for the journal Links. Available so far is:

Engels and the theory of the labour aristocracy

Monopoly capitalism and the bribery of the labour aristocracy

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