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LW>    How could a USA pose as a force "for democracy" with that system
LW> of institutionalized racial segragation in their own country?

   Or put the other way 'round, as I really wanted to say, before I  
let myself be carried away:

   All those steps which I described would be a loud call to arms not  
only to all workers, racially and nationally oppressed peoples in the  
countries fighting against Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and Japan, but  
even more so a call to the workers in uniform fighting in the armies  
of those countries, and to the workers still tilling in the factories  
and fields of those countries.

   I would signal loud, clear and unmistakenly: they really do fight  
for democracy, and this is something possible, and that the racial  
hatred and imperialist obsessions of their rulers were something  
exceptional instead of the rule which all other warring countries also  
follow the same way.

   The German Nazis used footing of striking workers being attacked by  
US police in their newsreels as a proof that the USA is actually an  
enemy of working people.

   If the Allied could have proved in practice that such oppression no  
longer exists, they could have completely demolished the effects of  
such poisonous propaganda.

   Was are the continuation of politics by other means, is a famous  
quote by German military theoritian von Clausewitz. But war is also  
primarily fought by political means.

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