[Marxism] re. Peak Oil

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Sun Oct 2 21:54:18 MDT 2005

Supplements to "For Nuclear Power"
Water makers
A nuclear power plant (a cluster of 3 reactors) will (I say) have an 
average output of 2 x 10exp+9 watts (electrical). A nearly 100% 
efficient reverse osmosis desalination unit (possible because 
desalination is a thermodynamically reversible process) would produce 
690 million gallons per hour of salt-free, bacteria-free, virus-free, 
arsenic-free, uranium-free water. This is 16 1/2 Billion gallons per day 
of this clear liquid, or 16 gallons a day for a billion people. If the 
nuclear reactor and elecrical generator's waste heat is used in the 
desalination plant, water output can be approximately doubled. This will 
let 1 billion people each flush their toilets 88 times per day. Or they 
can drink some, swim in some or sprinkle their lawns. Whatever.
Somebody tell me it can't be done.

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