[Marxism] Earl Browder

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 3 05:41:45 MDT 2005

Ah, there it is, good old Paddy putting on his Home Guard/Popular Front
uniform and taking a victory lap in his perfectly preserved tank.

And listen to the music accompanying the belching, smoking, clattering
old rust bucket:

" Talk of any alternative policies at the time could only be regarded
> as effectively help to the fascists - and it really is naive to
> suggest that alternative policies were anything less than treasonable
> to working-class interests."

Oh yeah, Paddy, too fucking bad you  missed your chance at your real
main enemy-- workers with interests other than the preservation of
capitalism and blind adherence to commander Joe.

All should be aware of  that  inside every CP/PFer, there's a Ramon
Mercader just dying to  come out.

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