[Marxism] China Irks U.S. as It Uses Trade To Embellish Newfound Clout (WSJ)

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 3 09:35:44 MDT 2005

Here's something else re China that readers might find interesting:

Financial Times  October 3, 2005


The benefits to Brazil of granting market economy status to China have
fallen short of expectations according to Celso Amorim, Brazil's foreign

"We need to evaluate what Brazil has obtained in terms of investments
and we don't have that evaluation yet, but our expectations were greater,"
he said...

...Mr. Amorim made his comments as Luiz Fernando Furlan, Brazil's
trade minister returned empty-handed from a meeting with his counter-
part, Bo Xilai, in Beijing last week.  Mr. Furlan had hoped to secure agree-
ment on voluntary curbs of Chinese exports to Brazil, mainly of textiles
and footwear.

....By recognizing China as a market economy, the Latin American
countries made it harder to impose restrictions on imports of Chinese goods.
Their hope was that Beijing would reciprocate with greater investment in
Latin America, which has been a big supplier of raw materials to China.

But according to Rubens Barbosa, former Brazilian ambassador to London
and Washington: "We wre supposed to get infrastructure and other invest-
ment in return, and it hasn't happened...Furlan has had to go and try to
sort things out after we gave China [market economy status] for nothing."

The Sao Paulo state federaton of industry called for the implementation ofr
safeguards by Brazil againist Chinese imports.


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