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MH> combining of pr and single-member districts has meant that candidates
MH> count more in german elections than in conventional 'party list' pr
MH> systems - politico can't just be a 'good' party worker but has to
MH> go campaign in order to 'win' voter confidence on
MH> personal/personality basis,

   not really. The main motivation is party affiliation, the  
personality of the constituency candidate is secondary (with some  
exceptions, e.g constituency Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain in Berlin won by  
the Green left figure-head Hans-Christian Ströbele in 2002 and 2005.  
This year he won the seat with 69'988 or 43.3% out of 161'804 valid  
votes, while the Green party got only 34'410 or 21.8% out of 161'162  
valid votes for the proportional list.

   In 2002, the Green party had put Ströbele on a back place of the  
list, and he got a lot of support to bring the last spokesperson for  
the left past of the Green party back into parliament.

   OTOH, polititians who have broken with their party like e.g. K.  
Hohmann who was expelled from the CDU for antisemitic remarks did not  
manage to win back as independant the seat which he had won in 2002 as  
the CDU candidate (he came in third with 21.5% of the constituency  

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