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James Zarichny zarichny at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 3 18:21:29 MDT 2005

    I also see where you are coming from and I
sympathize with you in many ways.  In recent years,
the Democrats have been so bad that the last time I
could vote for one was McGovern.
    But I have certain memories.  In 1948, the
Republican controlled State Senate of Michigan set up
a Committee on Un-American Activities on university
campuses.  I was the first witness they called.  I
refused to answer certain questions.  Senator Matthew
Callahan, the chair of the Committee, asked the State
Senate to find me guilty of contempt.  Stanley Novak,
the floor leader of the minority Democratic Party came
to my defense.  Except for one Democrat who abstained,
all of the Democrats voted against citing me for
contempt.  But most Republicans sided with Callahan. 
I wound up with a seventeen hour suspended sentence at
a time when the Hollywood ten were already serving a
year in jail.

However, that fall Stanley Novak and the other key
Democrat chose to run for re-election as candidates of
Henry Wallace's Progressive Party and lost.
        Jim Zarichny

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