[Marxism] Chavez supports Whites over Reds

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Yeah but this is about Guillen.  Sox  had Chico Carrasquell also from
Venezuela, also shortstop, died this May.

Fidel, as we all know, is a Yankee fan.

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> alan ginsberg
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> CB: Venezuelan Luis Aparicio was shortstop on White Sox in 1959 when
> were in the "World" Series
> Luis Aparicio
> Luis Ernesto Aparicio Montiel (Little Louie)
> Bats Right, Throws Right
> Height 5' 9", Weight 160 lb.
>  Debut April 17, 1956
> Final Game September 28, 1973
> Born April 29, 1934 in Maracaibo, Venezuela
>Fame in 1984.
> Signed by the Chicago White Sox as an amateur free agent in 1954. (All
> Transactions)
> Joe Falls excerpt from acceptance to Hall of Fame:
>    The shortstop that I've admired the most -- I couldn't believe how
> he was, he could hit, he could field, and he could run -- Little
> Louie, stand up. Louie Aparicio, my favorite shortstop. Now we're in
> one day and the Tigers are playing a doubleheader first game. This is
a true
> story, Don Mossi is pitching for the Tigers, OK? Louie gets on base to
> the first inning of the first game. Mossi's pitching -- left-hander --
> throws to first base, 14 straight times. I have never, ever seen a
> start with the pitcher throwing to first base 14 straight times.
>    On 15, guess what Little Louie does? Zip, stolen base. You were
> cruel to us, Louie, thank you.
> Tim Russert dinner speech:
> " So I called Whitey Ford - true - and I said, "Whitey, did he really
> all these things?" And he said, "Worse than you think. We were playing
> Chicago White Sox and I was pitching board seven. The first pitch,
> Fox singled to right field. Second pitch, Louie Aparicio singled to
> field. Third pitch .hit Minnie Menoso. Fourth pitch, Ted Kluszewski,
> power hitter, grand slam home run. Four pitches, 4-0 White Sox. Casey
> Stengel, Yankee manager, came out to the dugout. Yogi came behind the
> and took off his mask. Casey turned to Yogi and said, "Yogi, does
> have his stuff tonight?" Yogi said, "How the hell do I know, I haven't
> caught a ball yet
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