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Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Oct 3 23:03:06 MDT 2005

steve heeren wrote, "does anyone reading this discussion know WHY henry
wallace was replaced by truman on roosevelt's 1944 presidential ticket?
it was truman who took over when roosevelt died and that made a big
difference in the postwar period."

Suggesting that things would have been very different if Roosevelt had
lived longer compliments an earlier remark that everything would have
been different had Roosevelt died earlier and been replaced by Wallace.

I think this emphasis on individuals is seriously mistaken, not because
it is fundamentally non-Marxist (which it is), but because it fails to
address WHY individuals had the impact they did.

The great impetus to the Cold War was not that Harry Truman wore his hat
to tight.  In fact, the man cared very little for foreign policy issues

The "Truman Doctrine" was issued because is justified and fueled the one
thing the ruling class believed would sustain American prosperity and
power.  World War II left the entire U.S. economy and its recovery from
the Depression geared to the Warfare State.  I've said before that, if
there had been no USSR, the US would have had something much like the
Cold War with another country.

Regardless of who was in the White House, those institutional, social
and economic pressures would have not been different.  And I suspect
that they were, from the context of ruling class politics, irresistible.
FDR would have given in to them, just like he did not challenge
segregation.  And Wallace--well, they might have just sent him on a
campaign tour to Dallas....

Mark L.

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