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Barney Katz taxi4marx at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 04:32:23 MDT 2005

I've spent the last several hours - whether wisely or
unwisely is beside the point - on my non-broadband
computer following the 'controversy' between, on the
one side, Messrs. Feldman, Broadbent, Bustelo,
rrubinelli and Saxe, and on the other, Mr. Godena.

Whilst the Feldman et al. 'team' exhibited plenty of
'heat' and bravado it demonstrated, on the whole,
scant regard for representing Mr. Godena's arguments
accurately or honestly. Hence, its collective
assumption, that Mr. Godena is a racist, is completely
contrary to the available facts. Indeed, it was Mr.
Bustelo who came closest to making racist assertions,
not Mr. Godena.

So, was the discussion of any use to socialists and
workers, as one should expect on a site such as this?
Yes, it was. While the Team concentrated its resources
more on character assassination, slander, confusing
liberal 'political correctness' with Marxism, and
making calls for Mr. Godena's expulsion from the site,
Mr. Godena maintained his cool and kept his eye on the
class struggle as experienced by workers. He cited a
maxim that is absolutely central to the construction
of a class-conscious, fighting workers' movement:-
that in a dispute with bosses, organised workers must
defend the picket line against all who would attempt
to cross. If this principle of solidarity is always
upheld then scabs and naive workers learn the message
pretty quickly: Join the union or don't work. Do I
need to explain what effect a multiplicity of such
actions in various places and over a protracted period
has on the balance of forces in the class struggle?   

Reading the various contributions by members of the
Team it's clear they have little empathy with workers
and their travails;  they certainly have no ability to
discuss civilly with socialists who approach the class
struggle from a direction other than their own. It's
no wonder the authoritarian ultra-left is completely
irrelevant  these days. 

Good luck to you, Mr. Godena.


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