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NG> How do you link the above with the pattern of votes to the
NG> Linkspartei, and even the very fact that almost one out of ten voters
NG> decided to support them because they _seem to be against full
NG> bourgeois restoration_, on a scale that would make the old Lassalle-
NG> Bismark agreement (Social State) impossible?

   I am not really sure if I do understand what you mean.

   What do you mean by "bourgeois restoration"? I guess not the  
restablishment of capitalist relations as dominant relations in the  
former GDR, especially because the last SED government under Modrow  
had begun this process (the infamous "Treuhandanstalt" or Trusteeship  
Agency has been founded by that government, with the assignment to  
privatize the GDR economy).

   In the former GDR, the PDS was and is to a large extent the party  
of the disgruntled former burocrats who lost all their privileges as a  
result of the mass mobilizations in 1989 and beyond, and because of  
the reunification with West Germany, which largely took the form of an  
"Anschluss" or even annexation.

   It is also, of course, seen as the party which stands for saving as  
much as possible of the social security which existed in GDR times.

   The alientation of a quite a part of the working class base,  
including trade union full times, by the SPD policies of social  
cutbacks, plus the coup of Oskar Lafontaine, allowed the PDS to get  
new wind in their sails, since the short term of the election campaign  
of these early elections made other combinations of PDS and WASG  
impossible besides the WASG people to stand as guests on the PDS lists  
(which renamed itself to Linkspartei.PDS in the process).

   More questions?

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