[Marxism] RE: Labor aristocracy

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Tue Oct 4 08:25:39 MDT 2005

Calvin Broadbent:

> Labor aristocracy theory does not say that the most well-off sections of
> the working class must be reactionary: such an economistic characature
> leaves history, politics, and the balance of class forces unexamined.
Sorry, Calvin. That's exactly what the expression means; that's how Lenin
used it. If you're an "aristocrat", labour or otherwise, your views and
actions are necessarily suspect. As you note, most list members are skilled
workers of one kind of another, but itis misleading and gratuitous to refer
to them as "labour aristocrats", by pretending that the term is not
value-laden. Certainly, Rubinelli and Bustelo meant it to be understood as a
pejorative, and that's how most on the list and the left understand it as

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