[Marxism] Re: Popular Front

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Tue Oct 4 15:24:05 MDT 2005

Hallo listers,

In case you misunderstand what I have written I would just like to 
say two things -

1. On the agreement of the French and Italian partisans to part with 
their weapons -

I think in retrospect this was a disastrous decision - but in the 
context of the time it seemed the only way to honestly contribute to 
the defeat of fascism, which despite the overwhelming successes of 
the Red Army still seemed to depend on the Alliance (so-called United Nations).

2. On Palestine -

  I think the acceptance by the Soviet Union of the partition plan 
for Palestine (entirely an American idea, by the way) was a disaster 
- and thought so at the time (when I was in Egypt, Canal Zone, and 
some of the brigade was in Palestine).  But like so many other 
decisions at the time it was a placatory measure by the Soviet Union 
seen by them as necessary to maintain the alliance - which (despite 
the jaundiced view of so many on this list) was in the interests of 
the working class across the world.

Many of you need to learn that while all history is the unfolding of 
class struggle - not every moment in history calls for revolutionary 
upsurge - sometimes the need is compromise - sometimes even retreat.

Understanding this and acting accordingly is what Marxism is all 
about.  Carping on about how things "might have been if only" is a 
futile exercise - particularly when it involves attacking those who 
were in the midst of the struggles of the time.   An apocryphal story 
about Uncle Joe is that he is said to have said in relation to the 
Pope "how many divisions does he have?"  -  I will turn that around 
and say to these historical critics - "how many worker's battalions 
do you lead?"


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