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Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Tue Oct 4 16:04:20 MDT 2005

But, Paddy, is that really the point?   I mean, even if you are right about 
Israel or the European resistance, how does that preclude the necessity of 
critical understanding history?   On the contrary, I would imagine acting 
intelligently in times of crisis would require a honest assessment of past 
actions, bearing in mind of course that no two situations are exactly alike. 
But, they can be similar and lessons learned from one may be of inestimable 
value in dealing successfully with another.

Louis Godena

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> Many of you need to learn that while all history is the unfolding of class 
> struggle - not every moment in history calls for revolutionary upsurge - 
> sometimes the need is compromise - sometimes even retreat.

> Understanding this and acting accordingly is what Marxism is all about. 
> Carping on about how things "might have been if only" is a futile 
> exercise - particularly when it involves attacking those who were in the 
> midst of the struggles of the time.   An apocryphal story about Uncle Joe 
> is that he is said to have said in relation to the Pope "how many 
> divisions does he have?"  -  I will turn that around and say to these 
> historical critics - "how many worker's battalions do you lead?"

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