[Marxism] Re: immigration (response to Katz)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Oct 4 17:11:46 MDT 2005

Barney Katz wrote:

I've spent the last several hours - whether wisely or
unwisely is beside the point - on my non-broadband
computer following the 'controversy' between, on the
one side, Messrs. Feldman, Broadbent, Bustelo,
rrubinelli and Saxe, and on the other, Mr. Godena.

Whilst the Feldman et al. 'team' exhibited plenty of
'heat' and bravado it demonstrated, on the whole,
scant regard for representing Mr. Godena's arguments
accurately or honestly. Hence, its collective
assumption, that Mr. Godena is a racist, is completely
contrary to the available facts. Indeed, it was Mr.
Bustelo who came closest to making racist assertions,
not Mr. Godena.

So, was the discussion of any use to socialists and
workers, as one should expect on a site such as this?
Yes, it was. While the Team concentrated its resources
more on character assassination, slander, confusing
liberal 'political correctness' with Marxism, and
making calls for Mr. Godena's expulsion from the site,
Mr. Godena maintained his cool and kept his eye on the
class struggle as experienced by workers.

Fred Feldman replies: I have an answer to Barney's unanswered question
about whether he spent his time on the immigration wisely or unwisely.
Unwisely, it is clear, since he obviously paid no attention to the
political points being made whatever by anyone except Mr. Godena. It
seems to me that his obviously half-hearted digression into this
discussion diverted Mr. Katz from other matters to which he might have
paid attention and thus made a more interesting and useful contribution.

Unless, of course, reviewing the discussion was a assigned project for a
course on preparing amalgams.  His response, composed largely of
amalgams about the positions of the "team," showed promise in my

For instance, he writes that the "team" which he presents as though it
were led by myself put forward "the collective assumption that Mr.
Godena is a racist."  Of course, every member of the alleged "team" did
not make this accusation, and I specifically stated that I did not
believe it.
Nor did most participants in the debate call for the removal of Godena
from the list.

It is too bad that Mr. Katz could read the debate only with objective
attention to one side.  There was a lot more to the contributions,
including Bustelo's, that his dismissive and mis-representative comments
on the other contributors. Nor was Godena the only one to discuss the
attitudes of various sections of the working class, the subject being
one of the major divisions or sets of divisions in the working class
today and historically.
Fred Feldman
Fred Feldman

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