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> BK> I've spent the last several hours - whether
> wisely or
> BK> unwisely is beside the point - on my
> non-broadband
> BK> computer following the 'controversy' between, on
> the
> BK> one side, Messrs. Feldman, Broadbent, Bustelo,
> BK> rrubinelli and Saxe, and on the other, Mr.
> Godena.

>    Strange that you have left out my contributions.
> Why? Too  
> convincing, or what?

Not strange, Lueko. I left you out of the Team because
you DIDN'T engage in unnecessary ad hominem insult
against Mr. Godena, nor in gross distortions of his
arguments. You gave an honestly argued and compelling
account of your position, even though you assumed
(erroniously, in my view) that Godena is opposed to
immigrant workers entering and working in the US. On
my reading he's not;  he advocates their unionisation
and inclusion amongst US workers but AT COLLECTIVELY
BARGAINED UNION RATES. It's the bosses in the US and
the emigrants' home countries that Godena wants to see
targeted, not the immigrant workers. 

Mr. Godena is providing a practical strategy that has
the potential to take the heat away from the current
victimisation of immigrant workers, and lay it
squarely at the feet of the bosses. It's practical
solidarity. Perhaps, Lueko, you have more in common
with Mr Godena than you currently believe.


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