[Marxism] Biblical "truth"

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 5 07:05:00 MDT 2005

What?! The Pope must be on something! Is he trying to tell us that the earth 
was not formed out of water and by water, that the earthis not thousands of 
years old, that Noah's ark did not contain two of each creature on earth, 
that women are not inferior to men, that women are not weaker than men, that 
women are not aved through bearing children, that the sight of faces does 
not turn god away, that the smell of a burning bull is not a pleasing odor 
to god, that god did not search the animal kingdom for a partner for adam, 
that a snake did not talk to adam, that god did not kill  a man for failing 
to get his brother's wfe pregnant, that god did not have babies dashed 
against rocks and have women ripped apart, that god did not want children 
used as human sacrifices and threaten to have children cannibalized, that 
god did not abort fetuses and murder children in answer to the prophet 
Hosea's prayer, that god did not hand jesus over to evil men to have him 
killed, that jesus did not voluntarily have himself killed? Come off it! Who 
is the Pope trying to kid?!

>A setback for the American religious right.  The Pope says "not all the 
>Bible is historical truth".

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