[Marxism] Life of Crime

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 5 08:03:52 MDT 2005

I was browsing through Robert Anton Wilson's 'Quantum Psychology'

In the exercises to chapter 6 he asks:

4. If all the TV shows about the police (about 20 a week in most
areas) went off the air and instead we had an equal number of TV
shows about landlords, would this change the average American

In how many ways would the reality-tunnel change?

What would Americans "see" (or remember) that they now tend to
ignore? What would they become less aware of? What would they
become more aware of?

5. Try to figure out why there are so many TV shows about police
and virtually no shows about landlords.
Who decides this? Why have they decided it in this way? (Attempt
to avoid paranoid speculations or grandiose conspiracy theories,
if at all possible.)

Going through this week's British TV guide, only for the five
terrestrial and the main four digital (freeview) channels, there
are no less than *54* police and crime serials [on two days there
are 11 of them-CSI ago go] and at least eight films. There are
still no shows about landlords but a lot of property shows now
(doing up, buying [including in Slovakia etc], selling houses,
increasing their value etc.)

Jack Cade

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