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Yes, I have not made myself clear. Anyway, your answer has been quite 
interesting and educative.  As if one needed to learn such things!  
But, well, it is always useful to have still another proof of what 
one has always been saying.

My question pointed to a "longer historic time" issue.

That is:  when modern, bourgeois, Germany surfaced for the first time 
during the 1860s and of course during the early 1870s, this was the 
result of an alliance between the Prussian state and a sizeable 
(perhaps the greatest) fraction of the working class.  This is what 
the Bismark-Lasalle agreement perspirates.  Bismark offered an 
advanced system of social security in exchange for support to 
bourgeois rule in the tasks of unification, modernization, etc.

This agreement seems to have been a lasting one.  It survived through 
the Empire, the Weimar Republic, the 3rd Reich, even Adenauer's 
conservative age, and, of course,  during their hold of office German 
socialdemocrats (Brandt, for example) took it to a very high level of 

My hint is that enhanced inter-imperialist competition is moving the 
German bourgeoisie towards the necessary conclusion that these hard 
(and eventually, may I wish, terminal) times make it mandatory to 
break the old agreement.  This is what I have been thinking of.

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> NG> How do you link the above with the pattern of votes to the
> NG> Linkspartei, and even the very fact that almost one out of ten
> voters NG> decided to support them because they _seem to be against
> full NG> bourgeois restoration_, on a scale that would make the old
> Lassalle- NG> Bismark agreement (Social State) impossible?
>    I am not really sure if I do understand what you mean.

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