[Marxism] Biblical "truth"

mlause at cinci.rr.com mlause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Oct 5 10:17:04 MDT 2005

The question about Protestantism and science is really a very simple 
one.  The Roman Catholic hierarchy had one official view of reality.  
The Protestants got their name as "protesting" this view.

Beyond that, Protestantism is a completely mixed bag.  Some of them 
wanted to replace the singular Catholic view with another, competing 
singular view.  Others didn't care about secular matters were entirely 
focused on who gets to dunk who in the holy water at which age....  
There were hypercapitalist views who basically equated wealthiness 
with godliness.  And there were Christian communists raging about the 
merchants.  Many times the latter focused their ire on the Jews.  

In Bohemia, the Adamites (I think that was what they called 
themselves) decided that Jesus wanted them to be nudists.

Funny thing that Protestant Revolution.

The one thing it did mean is that, ultimately, survival, prosperity, 
and stability would require mutual tolerance (except for the more 
extreme versions of Protestants and they didn't want much to do with 
the rest of the sinful world anyway).  

In the end, then Protestantism was about the overthrow of Catholic 
hegemony over matters ranging from theology through science to 
culture.  It opened the door to many possibilities...some of them 
promising and others not all of them particularly good or positive.

So, the bottom line is that we have to be careful about talking about 
Protestantism as though it were some coherent alternative to 


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