[Marxism] books

kersplebedeb info at kersplebedeb.com
Wed Oct 5 11:28:31 MDT 2005

For what it's worth, i have started a blog that some people on ths list 
may be interested in. I mainly intend to use it to discuss books as i 
read them. I just finished Guido Ruggieor's "The Boundarties of Eros: 
Sex Crime and Sexuality in Renaisance Venice", and will be reading 
Marilyn Waring's "Counting For Nothing: What Men Value and What Women 
are Worth" - an ecological feminist critique of economics.

i also recently got through "Marxist Theories of Imperialism" by Anthony 
Brewer, and may be posting something about that somehwat dated (1980) 
book soon. i would be interested in knowing if anyone else on this list 
might have anything to say about this book

oh yeah, my blog is called Sketchy Thoughts and you can read it at 

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