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PA>>> and why the French and Italian resistance
PA>>> agreed to give up their arms and join the regular forces.

LW>>    They didn't. The résistance did not surrender
LW>> to Charles de Gaulle.

NG> Sorry, Lüko, Paddy is right on this.  They did, politically they did.

   AS far as my understanding goes, there were separate organizations  
of Résistance during the occupation, and the CP resitance fighters  
ware actually disarmed _after_ the war, by their own, i.e. their party  
leadership's, consent.

   OK, I am just reading in the French Wikipedia, and learn that the  
CP's (or its self-created popular front's) FTP (Franc Tireurs et  
Partisans) joined with the de Gaulle forces in 1943.

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