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Barney Katz taxi4marx at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 5 20:31:37 MDT 2005

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

> Steeped both in work and in writing an article on
> Dylan, I haven't been 
> keeping track of things the way I do ordinarily. But
> I just went back 
> through the archives to figure out where this tumult
> about Lou Godena 
> began. As it turned out, there was not a peep out of
> him for the past few 
> days except a rather gentle rebuke to Paddy.
> I finally discovered that Barney Katz triggered this
> off. Referring to a 
> debate that took place in August, Katz wrote a
> rather provocative post out 
> of the blue that accused members of the anti-Godena
> "Team" (ie., Bustelo, 
> Feldman, Saxe rrubinelli and Broadbent) of having
> "little empathy with 
> workers and their travails."
> This unleashed a barrage of ripostes to Katz and to
> poor Godena who was 
> dragged in by his hair. Although my differences with
> Lou Godena are 
> profound, I do want to acknowledge that he has
> behaved as well as can be 
> expected on the list. In general, I would hope that
> comrades would refrain 
> from blistering attacks on the political views of
> another list member when 
> he or she has not shown any evidence of trying to
> force them down our throats.
> Katz is a horse of different color. I can't remember
> if I ever unsubbed him 
> in the past, but when he first appeared, he got
> under everybody's skin by 
> bad-mouthing the Iraqi insurgents. There is
> something trollish about his 
> presence here that might require some action down
> the road. Katz, be 
> forewarned.

No, Comrade General-Secretary, I wasn't unsubbed
before, I merely dropped out of the 'discussion' back
then because of the barrage of abuse levelled at me
for having the temerity to believe that the incipient
organised workers' movement and the workers' parties,
not the Islamist bombers, represented the way forward
for democracy and the left in Iraq.

The title of this site - Activists and Scholars in the
Marxist Tradition - is misleading. Marxism consists of
much more than a few disgruntled ex-SWP members, and a
sprinkling of other asssorted ultra-lefts, who seem to
be bound by an inclination to deal in abstractions at
the expense of applying Marxism  to practical action
in the here and now at the rank and file level. 

Have you considered changing the name of the site to
something like

I shall now await being unsubscribed, the Marxmail
equivalent of being led down the Lublyanka cellar.


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