[Marxism] The immigration thread

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 5 23:01:16 MDT 2005

Not true.  You dropped out of the discussion rather than directly answer
any of the questions and criticisms put directly to you about your
position of supporting continued US occupation of Iraq.

You continue to avoid answering direct questions about your "positions."
Drop out any time you want, but don't blame it on abuse.  You have not
been abused.  You have been challenged, "called out," on your faux

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> > No, Comrade General-Secretary, I wasn't unsubbed
> before, I merely dropped out of the 'discussion' back
> then because of the barrage of abuse levelled at me
> for having the temerity to believe that the incipient
> organised workers' movement and the workers' parties,
> not the Islamist bombers, represented the way forward
> for democracy and the left in Iraq.

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