[Marxism] immigration (response to K)

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 6 06:28:05 MDT 2005

What's wrong with being in an imperialist and racist social chauvinist party 
like the Labour Party? Ask the Asylum seekers detained at Britain's 
inhumane, abusive, and torturous 'accomodation' centres. Doesn't support for 
the Labour Party sit ill at ease with your support for militant trade 
unionism? You are the pompous windbag, with your fake activistism in support 
for the IFTU and the Labour Party. Nobody on the list has set up an 
opposition between socialist trade unionism and armed resistance to 
imperialist occupation; it is you alone on the list who is the victim of 
that false dichotomy. You are quite clearly the vitim of imperialist 

I suggest you answer Rrubnelli's question in the affirmative, lest all your 
talk of secularism and democracy will sound like so much wind. You'll be the 
first to denounce the 'sectarian bigotry' that will inevitably ensue when 
Iraq is Balkanised, then Ulsterised, by USUK marauders.


On membership of the Labor Party: What's wrong with
being in a mass social democratic party and fighting
for such things as greater party democracy (rank and
file control of the party, not control by party
administrators and parliamentarians), or making left
motions at branch meetings that make their way to the
policy committees to remind the party spivs that there
are still socialists in the ranks?

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