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> Strictly speaking, the Catholic Church did not uphold the literal
> truth of the bible against Galileo. Rather, they objected to Galileo's
> right to reinterpret biblical passages to conform with an unproven
> theory. 

And they did so by stepping up from a Tomist position, that is the 
position of the bourgeoisie of the Late Middle Ages, produced by the 
brewing of bourgeoisie and Aristotle by that great philosophical 
alchemist, Thomas Aquinas in Paris.  

This is still the mainstream line of thought in the Catholic Church.

The theses of Aquinas, by definition, made it almost impossible  to 
revolt against authority.  And I say "almost", because no "form" can 
have a "contents" of itself, and thus the Tomist lawyers of the 
Spanish law school of Salamanca -somebody correct me if I am wrong 
about the place, quoting by heart sorry- had arrived with Suárez at a 
theory of the right to regicide if the King did not toe the law of 
God --which (again by definition and against many Black Legend 
prejudices may I say) was not the law of the priests but the law of 
the people ("Vox Populi, Vox Dei":  the voice of the people is the 
voice of God, you know).  

Luther and the Protestants, in order to fight against the powers-that-
be, rejected Tomism _in toto_, rooting their system of belief in the 
early middle ages ideological foundation of Augustinism. Thus they 
instilled into every Protestant sect an original mistrust of reason 
which can turn them against science with a lighter heart than 
Catholic church.

There is a brilliant line by Chesterton, on "The Blue Cross", I 
think, where Flambeau -astonished at the ability of his friend the 
Catholic priest Father Brown to discover a thief disguised as a friar-
 gets this answer:  "He attacked reason.  That is bad theology".

As an Atheist Jew and a Marxist, I may say that somehow I watch these 
things from the outside.  The anti-intellectual sense of most 
Protestant sects is as evident to an external observer as the 
rationalist discourse of the Catholic Church.  While Protestant 
mysticism tends to have a heavier hand than its rationalism, Catholic 
rationalism is quite stronger than its mysticism.

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