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> I wouldn't dream of offering advice to the 
> Brazilian left myself, but would modestly propose that a study of the
> Cuban revolution and what is currently transpiring in Venezuela would
> be a good place to start. 

And what about a study of Brazil's own revolutionary history?  One of 
the things that the Brazilian left shares with the Argentinean left 
is a gross misunderstanding of this crucial issue.

Any American leftist knows of Tom Paine.  I would almost bet to it 
that there are fewer Brazilian leftists who know of Abreu e Lima (the 
Brazilian General who fought with Bolívar and introduced Socialism 
(in the 1850s) in Brazil!- than there are Argentineans who know of 
Manuel Ugarte, or who have an inkling that Mariano Fragueiro, the 
minister of Finance of the Argentinean Confederation in the late 
1850s, was an Utopian socialist, a Saint Simonian..

I am not quite a fan of Ernesto Sábato, a most elaborate weasel.    
Comparisons with some in the Venezuelan left today can be made.  
After the 1955 coup, Sábato had been reconsidering his position and 
even wrote "The other face of Peronism", a now forgotten book where 
he remembers that when Perón was overthrown, he was at celebrating at 
a merry party in Tucumán, at Guillermo Orce Remis's (a great expert 
in jazz, and also a staunch anti-Peronist), until for some fortuitous 
reason he happenned into the kitchens and discovered the anguish, 
sadness, grief and horror that the underdogs were feeling.  

Thus, in 1958, he -who had been a supporter of the 1955 coup, for 
what he was rewarded- coined a very interesting phrase:  "If there is 
something I don't like are those revolutionaries who love "Negros" 
(by people of African origin) in Cuba and hate "Negros" (by Creole, 
proletarian, people) in Argentina".

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